My name is Anna Bold. I am an aspiring writer, social media enthusiast, avid traveler, passionate reader, and general nerd. I double majored in Journalism and English with a concentration in Creative Writing at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, so I am well versed in writing a lot and widely.

Growing up in this modern era, I couldn’t help but become interested in social media. I’ve been a part of social networks since before it’s probably cool to say, and I enjoy thinking critically about the ways our society uses these networks just as much as I enjoy using them myself. I’ll be the one rolling my eyes whenever someone says they don’t “get Twitter; who cares what you had for breakfast?”

Beyond the online landscape, I love to settle into a long book, drink copious amounts of caffeinated beverages (both tea and coffee, let’s be real), and dream of endlessly travelling – I spent a few months living in Galway, Ireland, and I’m still in love. I’m a skier, former tennis player, and founder (and player!) of Lehigh’s Quidditch team, so I love to spend time outdoors as well. And yes, I’m a very enthusiastic Harry Potter nerd.

I spent my childhood in Brooklyn and my formative years growing up in northern New Jersey. As the child of Russian immigrants, I know what it means to have my life be a blend of cultures – but more than anything, I’m a child of the Internet. So between all the writing, multimedia, and social networks, I’m pretty comfortable living online as I am offline.