A little summary

Currently, I work for Doha Debates as a social producer, running our social media channels, producing video content, gathering analytics and working on long term projects such as our mainstage show.

Previously, I worked for The Tylt (RIP), the first site launched by Advance Local’s innovation wing and a new media company collecting sentiment with digital polling. I worked on building & retaining audience and launching special projects, like running our YouTube channel, creating specialized newsletters and more.

I did some cool projects at The Tylt! I also did more day to day things like community management, social media promotion, connecting with other brands and constantly thinking of ways to launch on the next social media platform.

Before that, I worked for TED Conferences on the TEDx community team, working with TEDx organizers around the world to help them build their events. I helped run several closed Facebook groups, answered questions on the private forums, prepped for TEDFest and did not watch as many TED talks as you might expect (but still a lot).

I did things before that too, like interning for Lehigh University’s media relations department, running social media for the first ever NYC Neighborhood Library awards and volunteering on the Chapters team of the Fandom Forward. I also spent some time as a property manager in Brooklyn, which left me with too much knowledge about New York City’s rent stabilization laws and a couple of stories.